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Nitro Type

What is Nitro Type?

In Nitro Type - Expert, you sit behind the wheel of your choice of race car and compete against the clock and three computer-controlled racers. Instead of depending just on your ability to type keys or key clusters, this game offers you a series of familiar sayings and pop culture allusions, and you must write them correctly, with proper sentence form and punctuation, to win the race. At the end of the game, whether you are first or last, you are given your typing speed in words per minute (WPM) and accuracy, so you can see where you need to improve.

Nitro Type makes learning typing on a keyboard more enjoyable by pitting you against other players in real-time over the Internet.

Game Rules

In Nitro Enter, you play as a race car that can only move when you enter the provided text properly. The video below shows a Nitro Type race and how you compete against other players.

Depending on how well you perform in the race (your place, WPM, and accuracy), you are rewarded with experience and Nitro Cash (money). The experience you gather allows you to level up your racer and earn distinctive season rewards. The Nitro Cash you earn allows you to buy additional cars, trails, stickers, and titles for your garage.

You can buddy other racers and race against them, join a team, and accomplish achievements in addition to racing to earn new gear and Nitro Cash.

How to play Nitro Type

Using mouse

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