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Obby Flip

What is Obby Flip?

Obby Flip is a skill game that our team has just added to the popular Roblox Games category, where this character has become it's most well-known all over the world, and for good reason, because it is always a good time to be had with him, as you will do right now with this arcade-adventure game where you will try to be the best at flipping out there!

Game Rules

With the mouse or touch controls, you must flip Obby into the air in order to collect all of the cash and diamonds in a course, as well as any other treasures you may find, and then reach your goal, which can be a bed or even some silverware that you must step on and crush to bits.

Now, on the road, there will be numerous obstacles and traps, and you must be careful not to fall or land badly, as damaging the Obby means losing the level and having to restart it from the beginning. Between the 20 levels, you can use your coins to purchase new skins for Obby.

It's that simple, so now that you've grasped the concept, get ready to have some fun and possibly share this game with more of your friends when you're done!

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