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Kids love to play games and puzzles. Puzzles and games challenge your logical thinking skills. Playing these games helps them develop their analytical skills, concentration, and memory capacity in a fun way. PicsWords are perfect for kids because they are easy to play and you will find many different types of words games for children. From matching games to word games, you will be able to find something that your kid will like playing. 

Guess the word and get points. This is a simple but engaging word game for kids. You know when you are playing with your kid, the game ends up being more of a competition than playtime? Well, that’s not a problem anymore! With PicsWords for kids, you can now play with your kid and not feel like you are playing against them either. Every time you play this word game with your kid, it will become easier. Your kid will learn a few new words and also have fun doing so! 

Do you love word games and puzzles? If yes, then this article is going to be a treat for you. PicsWords have always been one of the most popular types of games. From classic word games like Scrabble to new age online versions like Words with Friends, there are plenty of fantastic word games out there. The goal is to guess as many words from a set of letters as possible. Sounds easy, but it’s not! There are some clues that can help you with the word. The more letters you use, the harder the game becomes. Can you solve all 48 puzzles before time runs out? 


How to play PicsWords

Using Mouse

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