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Poppy Huggie Escape

You are imprisoned in a room with the terrible creature Huggy in the escape room game Poppy Huggie Escape. Create a plan for your escape, involving an obstacle course and nonstop sprinting, jumping, and sliding! Wuggy is closely pursuing you, while Kissy is standing watch outside. If you don't want to perish, you must find the escape key. Use your score to unlock new enemies like Freddy, Sonic, Zombie, Among Us...


- Poppy Huggie Escape is a free online game that you can play right now.
- There have been 355 player votes, with a 3.94 average rating.
- The game will be out in June 2022.
- The following platforms support playing the game: Web Browser (PC), Android, and iOS (Mobile).

How to play Poppy Huggie Escape

Instruction Instructions: Use the keyboard arrows to jump and crouch to run the obstacles. Touch and drag the screen on mobile and tablet devices to jump and crouch.

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