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What is Proustle?

Proustle is an engaging puzzle game that brings the intricate and fascinating universe of Marcel Proust’s literary works to your fingertips. Inspired by the classic structure of Wordle, Proustle offers players the chance to explore the rich narratives and complex characters of one of France’s most celebrated novelists. Each puzzle is rooted in Proust’s novels, with questions based on titles, characters, or significant elements from his stories.

How to Play Proustle

Proustle combines the simplicity of word puzzles with the depth of literary exploration. Here’s how to get started:

  • Daily Puzzle: Each day, Proustle presents a new puzzle based on Marcel Proust’s works. The puzzle refreshes every 24 hours, giving you a daily challenge to look forward to.

  • Word Length: The answer to each puzzle is always a 10-character word, making it a unique challenge compared to other word games.

  • Six Guesses: Players have six opportunities to guess the correct word. Use these attempts wisely to uncover the answer.

  • Hints and Analysis: As you guess, Proustle provides feedback on your predictions. Similar to Wordle, correct letters in the right position are highlighted, helping you narrow down the possibilities.

Rules of Proustle

To succeed in Proustle, understanding the rules is key:

  • Guess Limit: You have six guesses to solve each puzzle.
  • Feedback Mechanism: After each guess, Proustle will indicate which letters are correct and in the correct position, which are correct but in the wrong position, and which are incorrect.
  • Focus on Proust: All puzzles are derived from the works of Marcel Proust, including titles, characters, and key elements. Familiarity with his novels will be a significant advantage.

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