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What is Proximle?

Proximle was inspired by the popular word-guessing game Wordle. The objective is to correctly predict the daily word six times. The color of the game tile changes after each guess to indicate how accurate or near it is. Proximle is a fantastic game. I hope you have fun with your game!

Proximle is a fun word-guessing game inspired by Wordle, its legendary forefather. The goal is to accurately guess the daily word in six tries while using a color-based feedback system to assist with identification. Following each guess, the cells on the game board change color to indicate how close or far the guessed word is.

Game Rules

Proximle puts players' word-solving skills to the test by giving them six chances to guess daily words through inference and the process of elimination. The main goal of the game is to provide players with a pleasant and challenging word-guessing experience that encourages them to improve their word-recognition and reasoning skills.

The color of the tiles can change depending on your ability to guess when you will move. In Proximle, each hue has a different meaning.

  • Green: A green tile indicates that the letter you expected is in the correct word position. In other words, you predicted the letter in the correct spot correctly.
  • The yellow tiles indicate that you have chosen the correct letter, however it is elsewhere in the word. The tile's border matches the letter you selected on the QWERTY keypad. It's there, but not exactly where you expected it to be.

  • A red tile on a QWERTY keypad shows a letter that does not appear to belong to the word or does not share a boundary with the correct character. The anticipated letter does not occur in the actual word or is situated adjacent to it.

  • You can acquire information by watching the color change after each estimate. This data will assist you in refining your predictions and identifying the correct word within the six attempts.

How to play Proximle

Using mouse

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