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What is Referdle?

Referdle is a word puzzle game that takes inspiration from Wordle but adds a thrilling layer of complexity. The game involves guessing five 5-letter words while adhering to standard Wordle rules: word attempts must be valid 5-letter words, letters turn green if they are correct and in the correct place, and yellow if they are in that word but guessed in the wrong place. Word 1 is the initial guess, and Word 5 is the ultimate solution to the Clue Grid.

Game Rules

Your score is determined by the total number of guesses required to correctly identify all of Words 1–5 and complete the Clue Grid. The smaller the number, the better! You lose the game if you fail to guess any of the words after five attempts.

It's quite difficult if you complete each puzzle independently. However, the Clue Grid provides a wealth of additional information that can be beneficial. Cluebot is always logical in his play. For example, if you correctly predict the first word as FIRES using this Clue Grid...

Your estimates can be used on any board in any order - simply click or tap the board you want to test. If you're using a real keyboard, you can cycle through the boards by pressing 'tab' or'space'.

You can keep track of your deductions by using the on-screen keyboard. The keyboard, like Wordle, will automatically transform keys dark grey / yellow / green for a specific board. However, you may also long-press (or long-click or right-click with a mouse) to turn a key dark blue to signify that it has been ruled out. For example, you may recall from Word 1 that the letter 'F' never occurs in the Clue Grid again. Simply long-press the 'F' key while Board 2 is selected to make that key dark. If you haven't made a guess for Words 3-5, the letter 'F' will go dark on those boards as well.

If you enter a term that does not exist in the Referdle dictionary, it will turn orange.

Referdle will allow you to insert a lot of esoteric terms that will never appear as answers in a Clue Grid to help folks with extra big vocabularies. When you enter one of these words, it becomes yellow, indicating that it will never be an answer. To ensure transatlantic harmony, the same goes for US / British spellings. So both ODORS and ODOUR can be entered, but neither will appear in the Clue Grid.

How to play Referdle

Using mouse

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