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What is Revertle?

Revertle is a new word game that is a lot of fun. You are given a hidden word every day. The letters on the keyboard are highlighted in red. You have five opportunities. Click to investigate the color to reveal the secret word. Let's get started straight now. Join Revertle right away to avoid missing out on these excellent opportunities.

Revertle is a challenging word puzzle game in which you must piece together puzzle letters to form green five-letter words. But there's a catch: if the letter is in the same location as it is in the concealed word, it returns to red.

Game Rules

The goal of this game is for everyone to find out the code as quickly as feasible. Every day, you'll be given a Hidden Word, the letters of which will be highlighted in red on your keyboard.

When a jigsaw letter is part of an actual, one-of-a-kind word, its color changes from red to yellow to green. A letter's color changes depending on its context, but it returns to red if used exactly as it appears in the Hidden Word.

To win, you must turn all of the Puzzle Letters on the keyboard green. You have five chances.


  • Win prizes frequently and get daily bonuses.
  • 2D graphics that are vibrant.
  • There are various levels of difficulty.
  • The game is a lot of fun and exciting to play.

How to play revertle

Clicking and dragging the mouse to select the relevant words from a list

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