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Screw Puzzle

What is Screw Puzzle?

Welcome to the screw pin puzzle games, where you can unwind your mind by removing nuts and bolts. Master of screw pin puzzles The tale is more than just screw puzzles and pin puzzles of various shapes, as well as skillfully planned maneuvers free screw pin puzzle games.


  • Deftly unlock screws and detangle each distorted piece of iron from the intricate tapestry of obstructions as a seasoned artisan.
  • Travel through intricately designed levels, confronting a tangle of intertwined metal plates, rings, and ropes at every turn and twist.
  • Untangle the rope knots and free the iron components to enter the complicated yet hugely rewarding world of Nuts and bolts.
  • Some stages reveal metal masterpieces built from the plates themselves, while others require you to carve these plates with a handsaw, exposing more apertures to secure your bolts.
  • Move each bolt carefully so that all of the parts can screw together quickly.


  • Enjoy ASMR music while playing screw puzzle - No time constraint, play at your own leisure
  • Different levels with unique maps in the Nuts and Bolts game with easy and hard modes
  • After winning hundreds of screw nut puzzles, work hard to become a screw master.

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