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Shark IO

What is Shark io?

Shark io is a multiplayer shark-based battle arena game in which you compete against other sharks to determine who is the true King of the Sea!

The big fish devours the small one.....! is a top-down arcade game in which you play as a bloodthirsty shark roaming the shores of a beach. Your mission is to consume smaller sharks and attack people who are relaxing near the beach.

Game rules

Survival of the fittest is back. In, you take control of a small fish on your smartphone or tablet and must survive in a shark-infested deep sea. The larger they grow, the more powerful they become, but staying away from them is not always easy. Swim as fast as you can and be as smart as you can when it comes to escaping or attacking other people or smaller fishes around you. Because big sharks are extremely fast and powerful, they can easily catch people in a sea full of killer sharks.

Choose your weapon from a variety of awesome horns and customize your character to transform into other sea (and some non-sea) creatures! Remember to use your speed boost to stay ahead of your opponents. Collect white objects in the water to build your booster bar and stars to increase your score! Can you rise to the position of apex predator?

How to play Shark IO

Using Mouse

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