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Slice & Dice

What is Slice & Dice?

Slice & Dice stands as a dynamic dice strategy roguelike game that immerses players in an epic adventure of dungeon exploration and strategic combat. In Slice & Dice, players control a team of five heroes, each equipped with their unique dice, as they battle through 20 monster-filled levels and confront the final boss. With its blend of strategy, chance, and tactical decision-making, Slice & Dice offers an engaging and immersive gaming experience that keeps players hooked for hours on end.


Slice & Dice operates on a set of rules designed to provide players with a challenging and rewarding gaming experience:

  • Control Five Heroes: Players control a team of five heroes, each with their unique dice and abilities, as they navigate through the dungeon levels.

  • Turn-Based Combat: Engage in turn-based combat against various monsters and enemies encountered throughout the dungeon. Plan your moves carefully to outmaneuver your foes and emerge victorious.

  • Level Up Heroes: Level up your heroes or receive items after each battle to improve their stats and abilities, enhancing your chances of survival as you progress through the game.

  • Randomly Generated Encounters: Encounter randomly generated monsters, traps, and challenges as you explore each dungeon level, ensuring a fresh and unpredictable experience with every playthrough.

  • Undo Actions: Enjoy the flexibility to undo actions as much as you like, allowing you to experiment with different strategies and tactics without fear of irreversible consequences.


Slice & Dice offers a range of features that enhance the gaming experience and keep players engaged:

  • 3D Physical Dice: Experience the thrill of rolling 3D physical dice as you strategize your moves and plan your next actions in combat.

  • Ridiculous Combos: Unleash powerful and outrageous combos by strategically combining the abilities of your heroes and their unique dice.

  • Replay Value: With randomly generated encounters and the ability to undo actions, Slice & Dice offers endless replay value, ensuring each playthrough feels fresh and exciting.

  • Immersive Atmosphere: Immerse yourself in the immersive atmosphere of the game with stunning visuals, atmospheric sound effects, and captivating gameplay.

  • Roguelike Elements: Embrace the challenge of Roguelike gameplay, where failure means starting over from the beginning, adding an extra layer of intensity and excitement to each playthrough.

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