What is is a popular online game in which players control a colorful snake to collect pellets and increase their size while avoiding collisions with other players. The goal of the game is to become the biggest snake on the server by overcoming opponents and strategically cutting them off.'s simple and addictive gameplay has made it a hit with players of all ages.

Game Rules

The controls are easy to learn, making them accessible to new players, while the strategic depth and thrilling gameplay keep veterans coming back for more. also has a variety of skins to customize your snake, making the game more interesting. The game can be played alone or with friends in multiplayer mode, adding a social aspect to the gameplay.

  • Worms will eat the bright seeds to grow and increase their length.
  • The player controls the worms by moving the mouse or finger on the screen.
  • If a worm hits another worm's body, it will melt into bright particles, which others can eat for points.
  • For PC, hold left or right mouse button to accelerate. On Mobile, click twice on the screen.

Tips and Tricks

  • When another player dies, try to steal the loot quickly, because otherwise, the other snakes will eat it all quickly!
  • When the snake is still young, try to eat a lot of colored pellets quickly.
  • When reaching a certain length, attack smaller snakes by curling around it.
  • Accelerate when needed by holding and pressing the left mouse button to increase "stinking" speed and attack smaller snakes with the game
  • When being rounded up, try to hide your head inside your body, maybe the person bullying you will die, not you.


  • Use one of the 12 different skin patterns to decorate your snake.
  • Lively, competitive gameplay with a wide range of play styles
  • There are millions of players worldwide, so there are plenty of matches for you to enjoy.
  • Neon graphics in bright colors bring your snake to life.

How to play

Using Mouse



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