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Slope 3

What is Slope 3?

Slope 3 is a new installment in the Slope game series. Slope 3's neon visual style relaxes and chills you out on the fast-paced slope course.

Slope 3 allows you to drive a ball through a variety of obstacles and slopes. Fast-paced gameplay can help you improve your reflexes and reactions.

Game Rules

Control the ball by using the keyboard arrow keys to follow the vertical line and dodge obstacles as they crash through the 3D course laid out in front of them.

Because real-time gaming is responsive, players only need to make minor adjustments to their movements. Because there are no levels or stages to complete in this game, the pleasure never stops. To earn the highest high score on the leaderboard, attempt to maintain the ball as long as possible.


  • Simple 3D graphics with a strong visual impact.
  • All ages are welcome to participate.
  • There is a full-screen mode available.

How to play Slope 3

Using Mouse

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