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Special Delivery

What is Special Delivery?

Special Delivery is an arcade-inspired newspaper delivery game that blends strategic gameplay with arcade-style scoring and progression. Players take on the role of a paper delivery person aiming to expand their subscriber base while overcoming various challenges and obstacles.

Rules and Gameplay

The game revolves around delivering newspapers while navigating through a series of challenges. Players must dodge obstacles like cars, dogs, tornadoes, grannies, and more while expanding their subscriber base. The goal is to progress through 28 game days, ensuring the package is delivered successfully without losing all subscribers.


1. Diverse Traps and Obstacles:

  • Special Delivery offers an array of traps and obstacles, including cars, dogs, tornadoes, grannies, and interactive objects like lawn gnomes and trash cans. Players must navigate these challenges to succeed.

2. Arcade-Inspired Scoring and Progression:

  • The game employs arcade-inspired scoring and progression, encouraging players to aim for high scores while advancing through the game's levels and challenges.

3. Neighborhood Sections and Progression:

  • As players progress, the delivery route expands into new neighborhood sections each game week, presenting new challenges and opportunities for growth.

4. "Sunday Special Edition" Challenges:

  • At the end of each game week, players encounter a "Sunday Special Edition" where they collect coin pickups to pay for tossed papers. This section also includes boss fights with rival papers, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay.

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