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The Squardle game is a creative challenge that is intended to get your brain thinking and, more importantly, to make something cool. This isn't your average word game; you don't just need to find as many words as possible that begin with the same letter. In fact, the rules are far more difficult to follow.

You must find words that share specific attributes or features. For example, if you have a word like "blue" in front of you and it contains the word "red" somewhere within it, it means it has both blue and red properties.

This is a fun word-building game. Players compete to create the most valuable Squardle (or "squ ee dle") by combining one- and two-letter Squardles into larger words.

This incredible game is a difficult word game that requires you to think outside the box in order to find creative ways to combine letters and create new words. To win this difficult word game, you'll need a strategy, logic, and a natural ability to think backwards.

Play this exciting word game with a new twist against your friends, or play against the computer with three different skill levels.

Squardle has all the characteristics of a great word game: it's quick, simple to learn, challenging, and, most importantly, extremely addictive! You can also play this exciting word game online against friends or Squardlers from all over the world. Are you all set? Let's get going!

Squardle Game Instructions
To begin the game, type a five-letter English word. When playing on a computer, you have the option of using a virtual keyboard or a physical keyboard.

Your question will be displayed in a row and column. and for each filled square, a hint will be provided. Colored squares represent the hints. See below for definitions.

You are initially given ten guesses. For each of the first five words correctly predicted in each square, you receive one bonus guess. You will win the game if you can solve all six puzzles. To be declared solved, all of a word's letters must be green at all times during the game. You do not have to guess the word.

To the left, a game is almost finished. In this case, it appears that CUBIC should be the winning guess in order to turn the final two gray squares green.

How to play Squardle

Using mouse

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