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What is Survivle?

SURVIVLE is a brand new fork of the Wordle Website that has just been created and gives a completely different perspective on the still massively popular word puzzle game. This brand-new, immensely popular 2022 game has gone global and attracted a large number of players.

Instead of guessing a word, you must resist receiving the correct answer for as long as possible. The only difference is your objective. Colors, layout, and the dictionary are all identical. Your goal is to be incorrect rather than correct. Using all of the disclosed information, you must guess everything as incorrectly as possible. Its author has even tightened the rules.

Game Rules

Due to the intricacy of purposely constructing false assumptions, the game provides a mechanism to aid you in discovering errors in your present predictions. This feedback system assists you in identifying places where your assumptions are erroneous. Take note of the color-coded feedback in the game:

  • Green highlights text that contains both keywords in the correct order.
  • Yellow: If a letter in the keyword is present but improperly positioned, it will turn yellow.
  • Gray letters are those that have nothing to do with the keyword.

The game is difficult because a score of seven or higher is required to win. This threshold was set because, if this were Wordle, you would be successful with six right guesses or fewer. Prepare yourself for a struggle that will be more difficult than you could have imagined.

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