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A word puzzle-inspired game is called Wordle. Other names for it include word labyrinth, word scramble, and word jigsaw. The object of the game is to combine letters to create words. There are many variations of this game, but using only four characters and uncommon combinations like "Sweardle" makes it more challenging! Do you feel ready to test your vocabulary? Play swear words, please...

A variation of the well-known word-guessing game Wordle is Sweardle. The player has four chances to correctly guess a four-letter word, and the only acceptable answers are sworn words in the English language.

Two players make up Sweardle. Starting with ten letter tiles for each player (two of which have two Vs). One tile at a time is placed on the board by each player in turn. They can place their tile if both users concur that they are making a real word—and only one real word. If not, they are required to keep their tile and will use it once more until their subsequent turn.

When no more tiles may be placed, the objective of the game is to have as many words as possible on the board. During the game, each participant receives points based on the length of each word he comes up with: Every letter has a point value of 5, every vowel has a point value of 3, every consonant has a point value of 1, and double letters, or Vs, have a point value of 2. The winner is the one with the most points!

How to play sweardle

Using mouse

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