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Tunnel Rush Game

What is Tunnel Rush?

Tunnel Rush is a speed game, where players will overcome challenging rounds by moving through the function keys to avoid obstacles encountered along the tunnel and achieve the longest distance possible. This game has a simple gameplay but is extremely stimulating because the extremely fast running speed makes you more excited.

Tunnel Rush is a highly relaxing entertainment game for all ages, designed according to a high-end 3D model from the British studio Deer Cat Games. That helps to bring diverse experiences with attractive vivid colors to users with magnificent graphics and top-notch sound. You will have to go through zigzag tunnels and obstacles that appear suddenly like a colorful maze that makes you unable to be bored for a moment. Tunnel Rush is a test of your ingenuity and reaction speed. You can choose between single-player mode to enjoy a 3D single-player experience, or dual-player mode that lets you race against another person and the winner is the last survivor. Let's play Tunnel Rush to see where your limit is!

Game Rules

In Tunnel Rush, the tunnel will continuously roll forward and you need to use the left and right arrows or the A, D keys to move left and right to avoid moving objects or to turn direction. Get to the last point and win. Press the space bar on the keyboard to start or pause or restart the game.


  • Classic Mode: In this mode, players will explore the stages on their own, progressing from easy to challenging in order to gradually increase their capacity to reflect attention. Higher levels will have additional barriers and perils, and the challenge will steadily develop without overwhelming you when you first play.
  • 2 Player Mode: You can play with your buddies in 2-player mode and try your hardest to win the challenge. The last survivor in the tunnel is declared the winner. This game mode will increase your anger and sharpen your competitive fighting skills. The first player may use the left and right arrow keys, while the second may use the A and D keys.

How to play Tunnel Rush Game

Using Mouse

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