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What is ValorDoku?

ValorDoku is an innovative puzzle game designed for Valorant enthusiasts. The primary goal of ValorDoku is to fill a grid with Valorant players who best fit each square based on their roles and recent performances. The twist? The less frequently a player is selected, the better your score will be. Smaller percentages indicate higher scores, making rare and accurate choices the key to victory.

Rules of ValorDoku

Understanding the rules of ValorDoku is essential for success. Here's a breakdown:

  • Grid Setup: The grid consists of multiple squares, each requiring a specific player based on their role and recent performance.
  • Role Allocation:
    • Single Role: If a player has recently played only one role, they are appropriate for that role.
    • Two Roles: Players who fit into two roles will have dual designations (e.g., Initiator-Sentinel).
    • Three or More Roles: Players who have played three or more roles fall into the "flex" category.
    • Viper Two Roles: Some players must play Viper but prefer other roles (e.g., Less: Viper-Sentinel).
  • Player Selection: Choose players for each grid square. The objective is to select players who other players less commonly choose.
  • Scoring: Smaller percentages mean higher scores. The rarity of your selection compared to others plays a crucial role in achieving a high score.
  • Special Indicators:
    • Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ): Indicates a player who qualified for a championship through the Last Chance Qualifier.

Unique Features of ValorDoku

ValorDoku stands out due to its unique blend of strategy, knowledge, and competition. Here are some features that make ValorDoku an exciting game:

Dynamic Role Assignments

Valorant players frequently switch roles based on team requirements and strategies. ValorDoku reflects this dynamic nature by assigning roles based on recent performances. This feature ensures that the game stays current and challenging.

Rarity-Based Scoring System

The scoring system in ValorDoku is designed to reward unique and insightful selections. Unlike traditional games where common choices might be beneficial, ValorDoku encourages players to think outside the box and select less obvious players. This rarity-based scoring adds an extra layer of strategy and excitement.

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