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What is Warple?

Warple is designed to cater to Wordle enthusiasts who crave more flexibility in their word-guessing endeavors. Unlike the traditional Wordle game, which offers one specified puzzle per day, Warple opens up the possibility to play all puzzles from the beginning. Players are given six tries to unravel each word puzzle, making it an engaging and dynamic experience. The game preserves the familiar color-changing tiles to indicate the proximity of guesses to the correct word, ensuring a seamless transition for Wordle enthusiasts.


To fully grasp the immersive world of Warple, players must understand and adhere to the rules that define this flexible word-guessing game:

  • Play All Puzzles:

    • Warple allows players to play all puzzles since the beginning, offering a departure from the daily/communal nature of Wordle.
  • Six Tries Per Puzzle:

    • Players have six attempts to figure out each word puzzle, introducing a strategic element to the game.
  • Real Five-Letter Words:

    • For each guess, players must use a real five-letter word, adhering to the authentic word-guessing experience.
  • Color-Changing Tiles:

    • After each guess, the tiles change color to indicate how close the guess was to the correct word, providing visual feedback for players.
  • Same Puzzles as Original Wordle:

    • Warple retains the same puzzles and ending phrases as the original Wordle, ensuring a consistent and familiar gameplay experience.
  • Unlimited Puzzles Per Day:

    • Unlike the official Wordle, Warple does not impose a limit on the number of puzzles players can enjoy per day, offering unlimited gameplay opportunities.


Warple introduces features that enhance the word-guessing adventure, making it a flexible, engaging, and player-friendly game:

  • Play Missed Puzzles:

    • The standout feature of Warple is the ability to play missed puzzles, allowing players to catch up on the challenges they might have skipped.
  • Six-Try Challenge:

    • With six tries per puzzle, Warple introduces a strategic and thoughtful element to the word-guessing experience.
  • Authentic Word Guessing:

    • Players must use real five-letter words for each guess, preserving the authentic and challenging nature of the word-guessing game.
  • Visual Feedback with Color-Changing Tiles:

    • The color-changing tiles provide instant visual feedback, aiding players in assessing the proximity of their guesses to the correct word.
  • Consistent Puzzles with Original Wordle:

    • Warple retains the same puzzles and ending phrases as the original Wordle, offering a consistent and enjoyable gameplay experience.

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