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Word Cube

A fast-paced, enjoyable word game that is simple to learn yet difficult to master. There's no waiting for your turn in this game because it's head to head. In a brand-new word game that will put your vocabulary to the test, use the abilities you've gained from classics like scrabble and words with friends.


• Use letter tiles to form words and earn points.

• To earn the highest score, play 5 words in a row.

• There's no need to wait for your turn; instead, set yourself up and play your best words.


• Compound Tiles allow you to condense popular letter combinations onto a single space.

• Bonus Tiles increase the worth of certain letters.

• Score a Time Bonus by playing quickly.

• Each game is differentiated by the starting words on each board.

• A completely redesigned board with more bonus tiles.

Games are either played one-on-one with other players or in large-scale multiplayer tournaments. In head-to-head games, both players receive the same tiles in the same order, and the player with the most points at the end wins. Skillz is a competition platform with leaderboards, trophies, actual or virtual prizes, and an incredible loyalty program that pays you for playing!

How to play Word Cube

Controls Press the left mouse button to choose the letters.

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