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Word Gram

What is Word Gram?

Word Gram is a captivating puzzle game that combines the mechanics of Tetris with the challenge of word puzzles. Players must create words using the falling letter blocks to score points and clear rows, similar to how Tetris works. However, instead of matching shapes, you'll be forming words – the longer the word, the more points you earn. The game ends when the letter blocks stack up to the top of the board, providing a thrilling and fast-paced experience that keeps players engaged and coming back for more.

How to Play Word Gram


The main objective of Word Gram is to create words using the falling letter blocks to score points and clear rows. Your goal is to prevent the blocks from reaching the top of the board for as long as possible, all while earning as many points as you can.


  1. Create Words: Use the falling letter blocks to form words of at least three letters. Longer words yield higher scores.
  2. Score Points: Each successfully formed word earns you points and clears the corresponding rows.
  3. Prevent Blocks from Reaching the Top: Keep forming words and clearing rows to prevent the letter blocks from stacking up to the top of the board.
  4. Generate New Words: If you run out of words to form, press the "+" sign to generate new letter blocks and continue playing.
  5. Beat the High Score: Aim to surpass the high score and challenge yourself to improve with each game.

Tips for Success

  • Think Quickly: With the blocks falling fast, think on your feet and form words as efficiently as possible.
  • Plan Ahead: Anticipate the placement of letter blocks and plan your words accordingly to maximize points and clear rows.
  • Prioritize Longer Words: Focus on creating longer words to earn more points and clear rows faster.

Features of Word Gram

Addictive Gameplay

Word Gram offers addictive gameplay that combines the excitement of Tetris with the challenge of word puzzles, keeping players engaged and entertained for hours on end.

Brain Training

Playing Word Gram provides excellent brain training, requiring quick thinking, vocabulary recall, and strategic planning to succeed. It's a fun and effective way to exercise your mind and improve your word skills.

Vocabulary Expansion

Word Gram is not only entertaining but also educational. By forming words and encountering new letter combinations, players can expand their vocabulary and learn new words in the process.

Fast-Paced Action

With blocks falling rapidly and the pressure to beat the high score, Word Gram provides fast-paced action that keeps players on their toes and coming back for more excitement.

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