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What is WordLC?

WordLC stands as an intriguing word puzzle game that challenges players to guess a hidden word within six attempts. Drawing inspiration from Wordle, WordLC offers a unique twist by allowing players to choose the length and category of the word they wish to guess. The game provides hints after each guess, with colored feedback indicating the correctness of letters and their placement. With options for daily or infinite modes, WordLC ensures a dynamic and endlessly entertaining word-guessing experience.


To navigate the world of WordLC successfully, players must understand and adhere to the rules that define this strategic word puzzle game:

  • Guess the Hidden Word:

    • Players aim to guess the hidden word within six attempts.
  • Word Length and Category Selection:

    • WordLC offers the flexibility to choose a word length ranging from 2 to 15 characters.
    • Players can also select whether the word is from the full list or a grouping of short popular terms.
  • Color-Coded Hint System:

    • After each guess, the hints are color-coded to provide feedback.
    • Green letters indicate correct placement, yellow letters signify the presence of the letter in the word but in the wrong position, and black indicates a missing letter.
  • Daily and Infinite Modes:

    • In daily mode, the word is deterministically selected for all players, fostering a shared daily challenge.
    • In infinite mode, the word is randomly selected, providing a dynamic and endlessly varied puzzle-solving experience.
  • Strategic Puzzle Style Selection:

    • Players can choose their puzzle style, enabling them to tailor the challenge to their preferences.


WordLC incorporates features that enhance the word-guessing adventure, making it a dynamic and strategic puzzle-solving experience:

  • Flexible Word Selection:

    • The ability to choose the word length and category adds a layer of customization, allowing players to tailor the challenge to their preferences.
  • Colorful Hint System:

    • The color-coded hints provide instant feedback, guiding players toward correct letters and placements with green, yellow, and black indicators.
  • Daily and Infinite Modes:

    • The inclusion of daily and infinite modes ensures that players can enjoy both shared challenges and endlessly varied puzzles.
  • Strategic Puzzle Style:

    • The option to select a puzzle style allows players to align the challenge with their preferred level of difficulty and complexity.

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