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What is Wordle Share?

Wordle Share takes the familiar concept of Wordle, where players aim to guess a hidden five-letter word based on color patterns, and adds a collaborative element. In this version, players not only strive to guess the mystery word but also have the opportunity to share their game board with friends. The mystery word is concealed within five cells, and players have six attempts to unravel the colorful enigma. The collaborative aspect emerges once the game concludes, as players can share their board and challenge friends to guess the word they started with.


To fully immerse yourself in the collaborative experience of Wordle Share, understanding the fundamental rules is crucial:

  • Guess the Mystery Word:

    • The primary goal remains consistent with Wordle – players aim to guess the mystery word, which is concealed within five cells, based on the color patterns generated with each guess.
  • Six Attempts to Predict:

    • Players have six attempts to predict the mystery word, and each guess is accompanied by color feedback that guides them toward unraveling the enigma.
  • Sharing Game Board:

    • The distinctive feature of Wordle Share lies in the ability to share the completed game board with friends. This turns the game into a collaborative experience beyond the individual guessing phase.
  • Collaborative Guessing:

    • Once the game concludes and the board is shared, friends can engage in collaborative guessing, attempting to decipher the word that the original player started with.


Wordle Share incorporates features that make it a dynamic and engaging collaborative word-guessing experience:

  • Interactive Sharing:

    • The ability to share the completed game board adds an interactive dimension, allowing players to challenge friends and foster a collaborative atmosphere.
  • Challenge Friends to Guess:

    • After completing the game, players can challenge friends to guess the word they started with, turning Wordle Share into a shared puzzle-solving adventure.
  • Shared Word-Guessing Experience:

    • The shared word-guessing experience amplifies the enjoyment, as players collectively work toward unraveling the mystery word based on the color patterns.
  • Enhanced Social Interaction:

    • Wordle Share enhances social interaction by encouraging friends to collaborate in deciphering the concealed word, fostering camaraderie and friendly competition.
  • Multiple Perspectives on the Game:

    • The collaborative aspect offers multiple perspectives on the game, as friends bring their unique insights and word-guessing strategies to the shared puzzle.

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