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Zombie Tsunami

What is Zombie Tsunami?

Zombie Tsunami is a fun zombie game. The player will take on the role of a zombie who leads an attack on humans in order to expand their zombie army.

Zombie Tsunami is an Arcade game series with simple 2D visuals but is nonetheless highly vibrant and appealing. This game is only available in single-player mode and is only suitable for children aged 3 and up.

Game Rules

When you enter the world of Zombie Tsunami, you will be converted into a zombie who will lead the group into the metropolis. The player's aim is to consume as many people as possible and turn as many victims as possible into zombies who follow them.

Starts out as a zombie but will eventually be upgraded to a variety of zombies. After a period of travel, your zombie force is large enough to push trucks and airplanes carrying a significant number of passengers. If you have a large number of zombies, you can push this obstacle to see the matching amount of people.

The more zombies you acquire, the better your odds of surviving. When you hit obstacles or leap over minor holes, your zombie count will progressively decrease. In addition to obstacles, special feature boxes will surface while continuously running.

These boxes will assist your zombie army in transforming into various shapes with various advantages. A wave that overcomes all hurdles, for example, eats more people, or an army of zombies wearing baseball caps may knock down all obstacles, and so on. Coins gathered while traveling are utilized to upgrade your zombie army, allowing it to become stronger and go further.

How to play Zombie Tsunami

Using mouse

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