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What is Boardle?

Boardle introduces a refreshing blend of chess and word-guessing game mechanics, creating a unique daily puzzle experience. The objective is clear: players must solve the chess puzzle using five attempts to choose the best series of moves for both players. With a format reminiscent of Wordle and the incorporation of standard algebraic notation (SAN), Boardle offers chess enthusiasts and puzzle lovers a delightful and strategic challenge.

Rules of Boardle

  • Daily Chess Puzzles: Boardle presents players with a free daily chess puzzle, combining the strategic elements of chess with the engaging format of a wordle game. Each day brings a new puzzle, keeping the gameplay fresh and dynamic.

  • Five Attempts to Solve: Players have five attempts to solve the chess puzzle by selecting the optimal series of moves for both players. This format mirrors the familiar five-attempt structure seen in wordle games, adding a layer of strategy and decision-making.

  • Standard Algebraic Notation (SAN): Boardle uses standard algebraic notation (SAN), similar to chessle and other chess wordle variants. Players input their moves in this notation, providing a chess-centric language to communicate and strategize.

  • Tiles and Submit Button: As players make their guesses, the tiles below the chessboard fill in with standard algebraic notation. Once all tiles are filled, players can submit their solution. The tiles change color to indicate the accuracy of the guess concerning the puzzle's solution.

Features of Boardle

  • Chess and Wordle Fusion: Boardle seamlessly merges the worlds of chess and word-guessing, offering players a unique and thought-provoking puzzle experience. The combination of strategic chess moves and wordle-style attempts creates a dynamic and engaging challenge.

  • Daily Puzzle Variety: With a free daily chess puzzle, Boardle ensures that players face a diverse range of challenges, enhancing the puzzle-solving experience. The variety of puzzles keeps players coming back for new and exciting chess conundrums.

  • Interactive Notation and Feedback: The use of standard algebraic notation facilitates communication and strategy, enhancing the interactive aspect of the game. The color-changing tiles provide instant feedback, allowing players to gauge the accuracy of their moves.

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