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What is Colordle?

Colordle is an online game that captivates players with its delightful and pleasing color scheme. Unlike traditional guessing games, Colordle challenges players to unveil the mystery color and then combine primary colors to guess the background color's hexadecimal code. With hints guiding each guess, the game provides a dynamic and visually engaging experience that makes it a must-try for those seeking a blend of aesthetics and intellect.

Rules of Colordle

  • Mystery Color Challenge: The core objective of Colordle is to uncover the mystery color of the background by combining primary colors. Players are tasked with guessing the hexadecimal color code in just six attempts, adding an element of strategy and challenge to the game.

  • Hexadecimal Guessing: In each attempt, players enter a hexadecimal color code as their guess. The game evaluates the accuracy of the guess, and the color of the tiles changes to indicate how close the guess was to the actual mystery color.

  • Visual Feedback: After each guess, the game provides immediate visual feedback by adjusting the color of the tiles. This visual cue allows players to gauge their proximity to the correct color, helping them refine their subsequent guesses and solve the mystery efficiently.


  • Pleasing Color Scheme: Colordle sets itself apart with its visually appealing and harmonious color scheme. The game's aesthetics create an immersive experience, making the journey of uncovering mystery colors both enjoyable and visually satisfying.

  • Strategic Guessing: The limited six attempts to guess the hexadecimal code add a layer of strategy to Colordle. Players must use their logical thinking and the feedback provided after each guess to optimize their subsequent attempts and solve the mystery color within the given constraints.

  • Educational and Entertaining: Colordle offers a unique blend of entertainment and education. While engaging with the game, players enhance their understanding of hexadecimal color codes and color combinations, making it an ideal choice for those looking to explore the colorful world of digital hues.

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