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Connections Puzzle

What is Connections Puzzle?

Connections Puzzle is an engrossing puzzle game that will put your abilities and knowledge to the test. This captivating game requires players to find groupings of words that share a common feature or category. CONNECTIONS NYT will keep you entertained for hours with its interesting gameplay and various puzzles.

Game Rules

The game gives you 16 tiles, each with a word or brief sentence on them. Your task for each step is to choose four tiles that you believe constitute a group. The majority of groups are the same type of thing (such as hail, rain, sleet, and snow), however, there is generally at least one grouping that relies on wordplay. For example, one problem grouped doubt, shadow, movie, and vote—all of which can be cast.

If you are incorrect, the tiles will tremble and you will receive a notice telling you how far you are off ("one away..."). If you're correct, a colored bar will appear near the top of the board (revealing the four words as well as their theme), and your remaining tiles will rearrange to the bottom.

You can make four mistakes. When you run out of time, the game is done, and you can view the answers you missed.

Despite the fact that there are four categories, you only need to identify three of them. By the end, there will be four tiles that must all be in the same group. Try to figure out the topic before you submit that last group for your gimme point for some extra puzzle-y fun.

Tips and Tricks 

In the first play, the point isn’t to look for just any four-word grouping but to try to discover the groupings that the puzzle makers had in mind. So don’t be too trigger-happy when you see your first possible connection. Look at the items you’ve identified; could any of them fit elsewhere?

It’s also strategic to mentally put a name to the thing your four potential matches have in common. The game’s help screen hints that the categories will never be as broad as “names” or “verbs,” so make sure you’ve pinned down something specific. Note that my initial guess was just “weather,” but the real grouping turned out to be “wet weather.” The game will name the theme after you correctly guess the grouping.

How to play Connections Puzzle

Using mouse

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