What is is a multiplayer conquest game that thrusts players into a world map teeming with small kingdoms and villages. The goal is to strategically manage resources, command troops, and expand your territory by conquering the towns of other players. Victory is achieved by conquering the entire map, but careful management of the kingdom's food supply is essential for sustaining your troops.

Rules and Gameplay

1. Strategic Conquest and Management:

  • Navigate the map, command villages, and troops strategically to conquer towns owned by other players while expanding your own territory.

2. Resource Management - Food Supply:

  • Manage your kingdom's food supply strategically. Acquiring and connecting squares on the map to your towns ensures a steady food supply, vital for troop sustenance and combat readiness.

3. Territorial Expansion for Victory:

  • Expand your territory by strategically taking over squares on the map, connecting them to your towns, and managing resources to sustain your growing kingdom.

Features of

1. Strategic Multiplayer Conquest:

  • Engage in strategic conquest against other players in a multiplayer setting, employing tactics and resource management to dominate the map.

2. Resource and Territory Management:

  • Strategize the acquisition of squares on the map and their connection to towns to ensure a steady flow of resources, particularly food, to sustain your troops.

3. Global Domination Quest:

  • Plot your way to victory by conquering the entire map, expanding your kingdom, and strategically managing resources to ensure supremacy.

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