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What is D'accordle?

D'accordle introduces a unique twist to the gaming landscape by focusing on political dynamics. The game's primary goal is to accurately identify candidates who support a given plan, making it a thought-provoking experience for players. Participants must navigate through a limited number of opportunities to correctly pinpoint candidates who align with specific ideas, adding an element of strategy and challenge to the gameplay.

Rules of D'accordle

  • Goal - Identify Candidates: D'accordle's main goal is for players to accurately identify candidates who support a certain plan. The challenge lies in interpreting the candidates' perspectives on various ideas and aligning them with the given plan.

  • Guess the Candidate: Participants choose the candidate they believe supports the presented idea. The selection process may involve clicking on the candidate's name or related boxes, introducing a dynamic and interactive element to the game.

  • Check Your Estimate: After selecting a candidate, players confirm their choice by pressing the "enter" key to determine if their estimate is correct. This step adds a layer of anticipation and immediacy to the gameplay.

  • Color-Coded Feedback: The game provides feedback through color-coded boxes connected to the chosen candidate after each guess. A green box indicates a correct prediction, signifying that the candidate endorses the idea. Conversely, a different color indicates an incorrect prediction, prompting players to reassess their strategy.

  • Limited Attempts: To heighten the challenge, players have a restricted number of opportunities to make correct predictions. With four chances to identify candidates who support the plan, strategic decision-making becomes crucial for success.

  • Daily Updates: D'accordle keeps the gameplay fresh and dynamic by introducing two new DACCORDLEs (proposal-candidate combinations) every day. This frequent update ensures that players have a continuous stream of challenges, allowing them to gain insights into candidates' perspectives on various ideas.


  • Political Engagement: D'accordle stands out as a game that goes beyond traditional gaming realms, offering players an opportunity to engage with and understand political dynamics. It bridges the gap between gaming and political awareness.

  • Interactive Decision-Making: The interactive nature of D'accordle's gameplay encourages participants to actively make decisions, fostering critical thinking and strategic planning as they navigate the complex landscape of political support.

  • Dynamic Learning: With daily updates, players have the chance to explore a diverse range of proposals and candidate perspectives, enhancing their understanding of political ideologies and fostering continuous learning.

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