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Darts King

What is Darts King?

Darts King is a dynamic and enjoyable game that simulates the art of darts throwing. It offers a realistic 3D darts experience with smooth gameplay and animations. The game encompasses popular darts rules, including 301, 501, Clock, Cricket, Count-Up, and a practice ground. Players can select their preferred difficulty levels to conquer darts challenges. Darts King is a free-to-play game that is easy to start but offers a rewarding and challenging path to becoming a darts master.


Darts King follows a set of straightforward yet engaging rules:

  • Darts Throwing: The core gameplay revolves around throwing darts into a target, testing your accuracy and precision.

  • Realistic Physics: Darts King is equipped with realistic 3D darts physics, ensuring that your throws and shots mimic real-life darts experiences.

  • Variety of Game Rules: The game supports a range of popular darts game rules, including 301, 501, Clock, Cricket, Count-Up, and a practice ground, offering players a diverse and engaging experience.

  • Difficulty Levels: Players can select their preferred difficulty levels, allowing them to tailor the game to their skill and experience, from beginners to seasoned darts professionals.


  • 3D Real darts physics, PVP mode support
  • Smooth animation, amazing sound effect
  • Supported game modes include 301, 501, Clock, Cricket, and Count-Up.
  • Various levels of difficulty, from beginner to professional
  • Beginner practice mode
  • Responsive action control and great effects

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