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Dead Plate

What is Dead Plate?

Dead Plate emerges as a captivating 2D role-playing game that artfully combines various gaming elements to deliver an immersive horror experience. Set in 1960s France, the storyline unfolds around Rody, a young man employed at a high-end bistro under the watchful eye of the stoic yet charismatic chef, Vince. The game's objective centers around Rody's attempt to maximize earnings in a week, introducing a challenging time-management aspect. Players navigate a character-driven narrative with over 8,000 words of gripping dialogue, creating an enrapturing experience that unfolds as the story progresses.

Rules of Game

Playing Dead Plate involves guiding Rody through a week of work at the fancy bistro, where maximizing earnings becomes the primary goal. The game introduces a time-management challenge, urging players to make strategic choices within a limited timeframe. Vince, the enigmatic chef, adds layer of intrigue to the narrative, as Rody's employment is not as straightforward as it seems. The rules extend beyond financial gains, with players navigating a dark tale filled with disturbing imagery, blood, and violence, creating an atmosphere tailored for those with strong hearts.


  • Character-Driven Narrative:

    • Dead Plate boasts a character-driven narrative with over 8,000 words of dialogue, immersing players in a gripping storyline. The choices made by players shape Rody's fate within the eerie setting of 1960s France.
  • Strategic Time Management:

    • The game introduces a time-management aspect, challenging players to make strategic decisions to maximize earnings within a week. Balancing tasks and navigating the bistro's challenges adds depth to the gameplay.
  • Graphic Depictions of Horror:

    • Dead Plate doesn't shy away from horror, featuring graphic depictions of death, blood, and violence. This dark imagery contributes to the spine-chilling ambiance, creating an immersive horror experience.
  • Disturbing Atmosphere:

    • The game's visual and audio elements combine to create a disturbing atmosphere that lingers throughout the gameplay. The unsettling imagery and haunting sounds enhance the horror theme, keeping players on edge.
  • Well-Balanced Playtime:

    • Dead Plate offers a well-balanced playtime, with over an hour needed to unlock a single ending and up to 3 hours for completion. This ensures players remain engaged throughout the narrative without feeling rushed.

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