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What is Enlinko?

Enlinko is a word puzzle game that challenges players to establish connections between two unrelated words by introducing related words in between. The objective is to bridge the gap between the initial pair of words by selecting appropriate intermediaries that create logical and meaningful connections.

Rules of the Game

  • Connect Two Unrelated Words: In Enlinko, your primary goal is to establish a connection between two unrelated words provided by the game. These word pairs may seem unrelated at first, but your task is to find the bridge that links them together.

  • Introduce Related Words: To connect the two unrelated words, you must choose related words that logically link them. These related words serve as intermediaries and should make sense in the context of the connection you're creating.

  • Limited Attempts: Enlinko typically imposes a limit on the number of attempts you can make to create the connection. Use your attempts wisely, as they are your tools to construct the link between the unrelated words.

  • Scoring: Your performance in Enlinko is often scored based on factors like the relevance and creativity of the connections you create. The game rewards thoughtful and innovative linkages.


  • Creative Wordplay: Enlinko encourages creative wordplay as players craft connections between unrelated words. It's an exercise in linguistic creativity that stimulates the mind.

  • Challenging Gameplay: The game challenges your ability to think critically and connect ideas in unique and unexpected ways. It's a great mental exercise that keeps you engaged.

  • Vocabulary Expansion: Enlinko offers an opportunity to expand your vocabulary as you explore different words and their potential connections. It's an enjoyable way to learn new words and their meanings.

  • Educational Value: Beyond entertainment, Enlinko serves as a valuable educational tool, enhancing your language skills, lateral thinking, and problem-solving abilities.

  • Variety of Word Pairs: The game typically features a variety of word pairs, ensuring that each puzzle presents a unique challenge. You'll never run out of exciting connections to create.

How to play Enlinko

Using mouse

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