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What is Foximax?

Foximax is a word-guessing game that centers around revealing hidden words by guessing individual letters. The challenge lies in guessing the correct letters to uncover the words while avoiding incorrect guesses that add new words to the puzzle.

Foximax is a captivating word-guessing game that challenges players to reveal hidden words with skill and precision. With its focus on strategic thinking, limited guesses, and competitive spirit, Foximax provides an intellectually stimulating and exciting experience for word game enthusiasts.

Rules of the Game

  • Reveal Hidden Words: Your primary goal in Foximax is to reveal the hidden word or words. At the start of the game, these words are concealed from view.

  • Guess Letters: You begin by guessing letters, one at a time. Each correct guess will unveil the position of the letter within the word(s). If the guessed letter is part of the word(s), it will appear in its correct place.

  • Watch Your Guesses: Be cautious with your letter guesses because getting one wrong will introduce a new word to the puzzle. The game's complexity increases with each incorrect guess, requiring you to think strategically.

  • Game Over: The stakes are high in Foximax. You are allowed a limited number of incorrect guesses, usually eight, before it's game over. Keeping track of your incorrect guesses is essential to gauge your progress.

  • Compete for the Fewest Words: In Foximax, fewer words are better. The challenge is not only to reveal the hidden word(s) but to do so with as few guesses as possible. Compete against yourself and others for the top spot on the leaderboard.

  • Extend Your Streak: Your word-guessing journey doesn't have to end in a single day. Foximax encourages players to return each day to extend their streak and keep their winning momentum going.


  • Word-Guessing Challenge: Foximax offers a unique and thrilling word-guessing challenge. It puts your linguistic skills to the test, making it an engaging experience for word enthusiasts.

  • Strategic Gameplay: The game's rules promote strategic thinking and careful consideration of your letter choices. As the complexity increases with each incorrect guess, you'll need to plan your moves wisely.

  • Limited Guesses: With a maximum of eight incorrect guesses allowed, Foximax adds an element of tension and strategy to the game. Players must balance risk and reward to succeed.

  • Competitive Element: Foximax lets you compete with others to achieve the fewest words needed to reveal the hidden word(s). This competitive element adds an extra layer of excitement.

  • Streak Extension: The option to return daily to extend your streak adds replay value and encourages players to continue honing their word-guessing skills.

How to play Foximax

Using mouse

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