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What is Genele?

Genele, a portmanteau of "gene" and "Wordle," is an exciting word-guessing game that challenges players to decipher a gene symbol within 12 attempts. Unlike conventional Wordle games, Genele incorporates elements of genetics, introducing a character board that includes both letters and numbers, providing an extra layer of complexity.


  • Gene Symbols: In Genele, players must guess a gene symbol, which is 3-5 characters long. If the gene symbol is shorter, players can use spaces to fill the crossword grid. Numbers 0-9 are also valid characters, enhancing the authenticity of the game within the context of genetics.

  • Game Setup: The game features a 5x12 grid of crosswords and a character board with a mix of letters and numbers. Players have 12 attempts to guess the correct gene symbol.

  • Color-coded Feedback: After each guess, the tiles on the crossword grid change colors to indicate the accuracy of the word. This visual feedback adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, guiding players towards the correct solution.

  • Hints and Suggestions: The game provides hints after each guess, offering insights into the accuracy of the word and suggestions for future predictions. Paying attention to these hints is crucial for refining your strategy and making informed guesses.


  • Genetic Theme: Genele stands out with its genetic theme, immersing players in a unique and educational gaming experience. The fusion of genetics and word games adds a fresh perspective to the genre.

  • Strategic Gameplay: With the introduction of numbers, spaces, and color-coded feedback, Genele demands a higher level of strategic thinking compared to traditional word-guessing games. Players must adapt their strategies based on the evolving feedback.

  • Educational Value: Genele not only entertains but also educates players about gene symbols and genetic terminology. It offers a fun way to engage with the world of genetics and genomics.

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