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Heart Box

What is Heart Box?

Heart Box is a hard physics puzzle game in which you guide Robby, a robot with a continually dwindling battery, through 180 stages and insane experiments. To release Robby from the charger, interact with various things. Explore an online database of over 10,000 player-created levels, use the Level Editor to create your own puzzles, and select from a selection of robot skins. Prepare for a fun and exciting adventure with realistic physics, bright cartoons, and leaderboards!

Game Rules

This very entertaining game contains over 100 distinct levels and over 12 objects to test out alongside gravity, so you'll never get bored. Because of the game's actual physics, each level is unique every time you play it because a box can bounce one way or another, farther or closer... By recharging the battery and searching for the power source, you can have hours of enjoyment.

To complete each level, you must return the small battery to its charging station. It doesn't matter where it is on the map; the battery only needs to be in touch with the box. When you connect them, the face on the batter changes to a blue heart, indicating that the connection was successful. Heart Box - a physics puzzle game will put your physics skills to the test while also assisting the professor with his investigations.


  • There are 200 levels to test your superhuman intelligence.
  • There are over 10,000 Community Levels created by others.
  • Try out three different game modes to see how fast you can finish, how long you can stay alive, and even how you can play with rubber duckies!
  • If you're feeling very inventive, you can use the editor to create your own game levels.
  • Look for QR-level cards that have enjoyable physics challenges.
  • Robby, the robot, is adorable, and you can dress him up in various clothes.
  • For a delightful trip, watch short cartoons with the robots.
  • There are numerous fresh and entertaining ways to play the game.
  • It looks amazing because of the high-quality graphics.

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