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House of Hazards

What is House of Hazards?

House of Hazards is a fun cooperative game. However, there are some risks and problems to be aware of when making all of your preparations before leaving the house. Set a goal for yourself and see what you can achieve today. How far are you willing to go before one of your pals makes a mistake?

A bulb, toast jumping out of the toaster, a door, or even your own remote's laser beam can knock you out. Although the last scenario is less realistic, there are other risks within this cartoon mansion. Play against three other players, either human or computer-controlled, and after being defeated, control items to hit your opponent. Have a good time playing House of Hazards!

Game Rules

The ultimate goal is to get out of here. Furthermore, unanticipated hazards await you in the other rooms of the house. You'll need to complete a range of tasks, such as preparing coffee, checking the mailbox, and watering the flowers. The other occupants of the home will be waiting and watching you fall for their traps before you can fulfill your responsibilities.

For example, the toaster and kitchen cabinet door could both attack you. Similarly, if you go to water the flowers in the garden, the swing or the toys may attack you. This set of objects contains numerous traps. You must use the control keys to direct your hero's sprinting direction. Pay close attention to the display to determine what type of trap awaits you. Some need your hero to jump over them, while others demand him to slither through other traps. If you do not have enough time to react, your character will die, and you will lose the round.

How to play House of Hazards


  • Jump: W
  • Move left and right: A,D
  • Crouch and Fire: S


  • Jump: I
  • Move left and right: J,L
  • Crouch and Fire: K

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