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Lowpoly 3D Art

What is Lowpoly 3D Art?

LowPoly 3D Art is a captivating and innovative puzzle game that falls into the realm of Low Poly art. This game is designed to provide a creative and brain-boosting experience for players of all ages, whether they are boys or girls. The primary objective of the game is to collect polygons and use them to create stunning 3D images. With a unique painting system and the ability to rotate objects in full 3D, LowPoly 3D Art offers an engaging and imaginative way to paint over shapes using colored triangles. Players can choose from a wide range of colors and apply them to various collections, including animals, fruits, toys, pop art, geometric shapes, and much more.

LowPoly 3D Art is a captivating and creative puzzle game that falls under the Low Poly art genre. It is designed to stimulate the brain, boost imagination, and offer players of all ages a unique way to create fantastic 3D images through the collection and arrangement of polygons.


LowPoly 3D Art follows a set of straightforward yet engaging rules:

  • Polygons Collection: The core gameplay involves collecting polygons and using them to create 3D images.

  • Imagination and Creativity: Players are encouraged to unleash their imagination and creativity by arranging the collected polygons to form visually appealing 3D shapes.

  • Color by Numbers: The game offers a "color by numbers" system, allowing players to select colors and apply them to different parts of the 3D shapes to create vibrant and unique artwork.

  • Rotation in 3D: Players can rotate objects in full 3D, providing an additional layer of creativity and the ability to view their artwork from various angles.

  • Variety of Collections: LowPoly 3D Art features a wide range of themed sets, including animals, fruits, toys, pop art, geometric shapes, and more, ensuring that players have a diverse range of subjects to work with.

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