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Mahjong at Home

What is Mahjong at Home?

Mahjong at Home is a delightful rendition of the classic Mahjong game, presenting players with 366 carefully crafted puzzles to solve—one for each day of the year, including a unique challenge for the leap year's special date, February 29th. The game centers on the traditional matching of tiles, providing an opportunity for relaxation and mental exercise.

Mahjong at Home offers a serene and engaging way to unwind and exercise your mind with its daily puzzles. The game's classic gameplay, coupled with the prospect of a year-long journey through 366 thoughtfully crafted puzzles, ensures a consistently enriching experience.


Players engage in the timeless tradition of Mahjong by matching identical tiles strategically placed on the board. The objective is to clear the board by removing pairs of tiles until none remain. Each puzzle offers its unique arrangement and challenge, encouraging players to employ tactics and visual acuity to solve them.


  • 366 Daily Puzzles: Dive into a new puzzle every day, ensuring a year-long journey of mental stimulation and relaxation, including a specially designed puzzle for February 29th.

  • Classic Mahjong Gameplay: Enjoy the traditional gameplay of Mahjong, with meticulously designed puzzles that cater to both beginners and seasoned players.

  • Relaxing Experience: Unwind and enjoy a leisurely game, allowing players to solve puzzles at their own pace, fostering relaxation and mental rejuvenation.

  • Strategic Matching: Engage your cognitive skills by strategically matching tiles and devising tactics to solve each puzzle efficiently.

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