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Picsword Puzzles 2

Come and join the fun in Picsword Puzzles 2. In this sequel to the popular word puzzle game, you can play both on your Android phone and tablet or on your computer! Enjoy hours of fun with Picturesword Puzzles 2! First: select a board with images of four or more adjacent letters. Then use your fingers to slide them into place so they spell words. If a letter falls off the edge, it will be replaced by another from that same row. Have patience and you’ll see that it doesn’t take too long for your brain to begin providing words for all those pesky tiles! 

In Picsword Puzzles 2, you are the master of a castle. The players who visit your castle are not satisfied with just a look at it. They demand to see its interior, and they have brought their cameras along as well. You cannot let them take pictures inside your castle so that they can post them on social media sites and ruin your reputation! Luckily for you, you know about an ancient strategy that uses images and words to fool intruders into thinking that whatever they are seeing is real. You must use this strategy as soon as possible or all hope will be lost! Give it a go; there’s no time to wait.

A new level and a new word await you in this addictive word puzzle game. The objective of the game is to make words with the help of letters given at random, out of the board. There are various themes like Education, Nature, Travel, etc which can be chosen, and by playing these different themes you can enjoy this game for hours. This time around we have added an option to select images from your phone gallery and also an option to choose your difficulty level. You can also disable sound effects if you would like. Keep on


How to play Picsword Puzzles 2

Using Mouse

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