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Pokémon Type Calculator

What is Pokémon Type Calculator?

A Pokémon Type Calculator is a strategic instrument designed to assist trainers in analyzing and understanding the intricacies of their Pokémon's statistics. It serves as a comprehensive tool that allows players to calculate crucial aspects such as base stats, individual values (IVs), effort values (EVs), and more. By inputting specific Pokémon data, trainers can unveil comprehensive insights into their Pokémon's abilities, identifying strengths to leverage and weaknesses to fortify against.


The calculator functions as a strategic guide, offering detailed analyses of Pokémon strengths and vulnerabilities. It aids trainers in devising meticulous battle strategies by illuminating type of advantages and disadvantages. Understanding these intricacies enables players to make well-informed decisions, selecting optimal moves and Pokémon matchups to maximize their chances of success in battles.


The Pokémon Type Calculator offers a plethora of features tailored to aid trainers in their strategic endeavors. From dissecting base stats to determining the efficiency of moves against specific types, this tool equips trainers with the knowledge to optimize their Pokémon's potential. Furthermore, it allows trainers to fine-tune their training regimens by precisely allocating effort values, thereby enhancing their Pokémon's performance in battles.

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