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RareWordle is a word puzzle game with a distinctive twist. Unlike conventional word games where you aim to guess a single word, RareWordle challenges you to uncover the most obscure and obsolete word among a group of solutions, all using the same set of letters. It's a game that rewards your ability to unearth forgotten gems from the English language.


  • Multiple Solutions: Each RareWordle puzzle presents players with a collection of words, all crafted from the same set of letters. The goal is to guess the rarest and most obsolete word from this group within the span of just 8 attempts.

  • Common Letters: After each guess, the tiles will change color to indicate which letters are common between your guess and the words in the solution group. This visual feedback is a crucial tool in your quest to uncover the rarest word.

  • Limited Attempts: With only 8 tries at your disposal, RareWordle compels players to employ their linguistic skills and strategic thinking wisely. Every guess must count, adding an exciting challenge to the game.


  • Word Diversity: RareWordle boasts a vast and diverse array of words, challenging players to explore the depths of the English language. It encourages word enthusiasts to dig into the linguistic archives and discover words that have long been overshadowed.

  • Visual Clues: The color-changing tiles serve as an intuitive visual clue, revealing which letters are common between your guess and the solution group. This feature not only aids in making educated guesses but also adds a layer of excitement to the gameplay.

  • Intellectual Stimulation: Beyond vocabulary, RareWordle stimulates players' cognitive faculties. It requires critical thinking, pattern recognition, and a journey into the historical depths of the English language to succeed.

  • Educational Value: RareWordle offers an invaluable opportunity for players to expand their vocabulary and broaden their understanding of the English language. It's an entertaining yet educational experience.

  • Strategic Gameplay: With just 8 attempts, RareWordle compels players to strategize their choices carefully. The game rewards those who can make informed guesses, adding an element of skill and strategy.

How to play RareWordle

Using mouse

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