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What is Relatle?

Relatle is a dynamic and interactive game that puts players' musical knowledge and intuition to the test. The objective is simple yet challenging: starting with a designated artist, players must navigate through a web of related artists to reach the target artist in as few moves as possible. With each matchup presenting a new challenge, Relatle keeps players entertained and engaged with its endless possibilities.

Rules of Game

In Relatle, players must adhere to a set of rules that govern the gameplay and ensure a fair and competitive experience. These rules include:

  • Starting with the designated starting artist, players must select related artists to progress towards the target artist.
  • Players must strive to reach the target artist in as few moves as possible to achieve a higher score.
  • Each day, players are presented with a new matchup to test their skills and challenge themselves.
  • Players have the option to create and share custom matchups with their peers, adding a social and collaborative element to the game.

Key Features of Gameplay

Relatle offers a range of features designed to enhance the gameplay experience and keep players engaged:

  • Dynamic Matchups: With new matchups presented daily, players have the opportunity to test their musical knowledge and skills against a variety of artists and genres.
  • Interactive Navigation: Players navigate through the maze of related artists by tapping on the ones they believe will bring them closer to the target artist. By listening to samples of each artist's song, players can make informed decisions and strategize their moves accordingly.
  • Score-Based Progression: The fewer steps players take to reach the target artist, the higher their score. With each successful matchup, players can track their progress and strive to improve their scores over time.
  • Helpful Tools: If players find themselves stuck, they can utilize tools such as Reset, Hint, or Give Up to aid their progression through the maze. However, they must act quickly and select the target artist as soon as it appears to avoid missing out on points.

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