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What is Replacle?

Replacle is a word puzzle game designed to test your word-finding skills while integrating the layout of the QWERTY keyboard. Players are tasked with guessing a daily word in just 5 tries, using a starting prompt as their guide. What sets Replacle apart is its color-based feedback system, which indicates the proximity of their guesses to the word.


  1. Daily Word Challenge: In Replacle, players receive a daily word challenge. They have five attempts to guess the word based on a provided starting prompt. The word must be a valid English word.

  2. Keyboard-Based Clues: Replacle's unique twist lies in its keyboard-based clues. The colors of the tiles represent the rows of the QWERTY keyboard, and they change daily. This feature adds an extra layer of complexity to the game.

  3. Color-Based Feedback: After each guess, the tiles change color to provide feedback. One color indicates that the correct letter is in the guessed word and the right position. Another color signifies that the letter is in the word but not in the right position. A third color means that the guessed letter is not in the word at all.


  1. Word and Keyboard Fusion: Replacle seamlessly merges the world of words and the QWERTY keyboard layout. It challenges players to use their word knowledge while navigating the keyboard's structure.

  2. Daily Challenge: The daily word challenge keeps players engaged and excited. Each day offers a new opportunity to test their word-finding skills and adapt to the changing keyboard layout.

  3. Colorful Feedback: Replacle's color-based feedback system is both informative and visually engaging. It helps players decipher the proximity of their guesses to the word, enhancing the puzzle-solving experience.

  4. Intellectual Stimulation: Beyond being a word game, Replacle stimulates critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Players must strategically decipher the color-coded clues to make educated guesses.

  5. Progressive Difficulty: As the keyboard rows' colors change daily, the challenge in Replacle evolves. Players must adapt to new color patterns, making each day a fresh puzzle to solve.

How to play Replacle

Using mouse

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