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What is Solvle?

Solvle serves as a powerful tool tailored for Wordle enthusiasts, enabling them to evaluate potential solutions to puzzles or review their performance post-game. This tool enhances the precision and efficiency of the Wordle experience by offering features that streamline the word-guessing process. Whether you already know the answer or seek assistance in choosing viable words, Solvle empowers users with its dynamic functionalities.


To maximize the utility of Solvle, understanding the rules governing its use is essential:

  • Setting Solutions:

    • Users can press "Set Solution" if they already know the answer, allowing Solvle to automatically color the tiles based on the correct solution.
  • Entering Words:

    • Users can type letters or tap the on-screen keyboard to enter a word they believe to be the solution to the Wordle puzzle.
  • Marking Letters:

    • Clicking the letters entered enables users to mark them as gray (unavailable), yellow (required but in the wrong position), or green (correct position), providing visual feedback on the accuracy of the chosen letters.
  • Advancing Word Choice:

    • Pressing ENTER advances the word choice to the next line, facilitating a systematic approach to exploring potential solutions.
  • Word Options on the Right:

    • Viable words appear on the right, allowing users to click a word to fill in its letters on the current line, aiding in the process of elimination.
  • Keyboard Letter Counts:

    • Numbers under each letter on the keyboard indicate how many of the available words include that specific letter, offering insights into letter frequency.
  • Fish Words and Cut Words:

    • Solvle introduces innovative features such as Fish words, aiding users in 'fishing' for new letters, and Cut words, facilitating the strategic 'cutting' of remaining options to optimize decision-making.


Solvle incorporates features that empower users to navigate Wordle puzzles with precision and efficiency:

  • Automatic Tile Coloring:

    • Solvle automates tile coloring based on the set solution, reducing manual effort and enhancing visual clarity.
  • Interactive On-Screen Keyboard:

    • The on-screen keyboard provides a user-friendly interface for entering words, marking letters, and advancing word choices with ease.
  • Dynamic Word Options:

    • The dynamic display of viable words on the right streamlines the selection process, allowing users to make informed decisions.
  • Strategic Fishing and Cutting:

    • The Fish words and Cut words features offer strategic tools for acquiring new letters and narrowing down options, optimizing the word-guessing strategy.
  • Comprehensive Performance Evaluation:

    • Solvle facilitates a thorough evaluation of potential solutions or post-game performance, providing valuable insights for Wordle enthusiasts.

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