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What is Stressfle?

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can play the word-guessing game Stressfle. A certain number of pins will be revealed for each properly predicted five-letter word. I encourage you to join me in the game Stressfle to have some fun and test your vocabulary.

When you've found the letter in the solution, press the tiles to change their color. This action will be displayed on the keyboard as well. If you enjoy this type of game and want to find more, the Smixed collection is a good place to start. Best wishes!

Game Rules

To compete, you will use your mouse to click and drag the letters to fill in the blanks. On that day, you'll be given 5 blank boxes to fill in order to create a valid and useful word. If the word is correctly spelled, the letters will change color with each new fill. A succession of colorful pins will appear as you predict each five-letter word. The pins always go in the same order: green, orange, then white. The position of the letters in your guess or solution has nothing to do with where they appear in these clues.

  • If your guess matches the correct answer letter for the letter, the pin will turn green.
  • Every orange dot corresponds to a letter from your estimate, albeit in a different location in the solution.
  • A white dot next to a letter in your guess indicates that the letter does not appear in the correct answer.
  • Tap the tiles in your guess to change their colors to keep track of the letters you've located in the solution. Similarly, the keyboard will reflect similar modifications.

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