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What is Tacticsweeper?

Tacticsweeper is a roguelike variant of Minesweeper, where each sector presents new dangers. Players must use powerful equipment to scan, sneak, disarm, and eliminate targets without losing valuable probes. The goal is to withstand the barrage of threats and clear all minefields, advancing through progressively challenging levels.

Basic Rules of Tacticsweeper

  • Launch Probes: Click on a tile to launch a probe and reveal it. The objective is to disclose all safe boxes in the level to advance.

  • Highlight Mines: Right-click to highlight a tile, typically to remind yourself that it contains a mine. This helps in planning your next moves.

  • Understand Numbered Cells: Numbered cells indicate the number of mines in the eight surrounding cells. Use this information to deduce safe tiles and potential mine locations.

  • Avoid Losing Probes: If you fire a probe at a mine or it gets attacked on the way down, you lose the probe. Running out of probes ends the game.

  • Active Structures: Cells with a + symbol indicate a nearby active structure within eight adjacent cells. Fire a probe directly at these structures to disable them, turn off their effects, and add cells. A level cannot be completed unless all structures are disabled.

  • Ranged Attacks: Most structures have hazardous ranged attacks, so finding and disabling them quickly is crucial.

  • Upgrades and Gear: After each level, you receive an upgrade or new piece of gear. Click the buttons on the right to activate or switch to the desired tool, enhancing your ability to navigate and clear minefields.

Strategies for Success

  • Efficient Probing: Use probes wisely. Start with cells that are more likely to be safe based on surrounding information to maximize probe efficiency.

  • Prioritize Structures: Identify and disable structures as soon as possible. Their ranged attacks can be detrimental, and disabling them is necessary to complete the level.

  • Use Equipment Strategically: Each piece of gear has unique benefits. Use scanning tools to identify threats, sneaking tools to bypass hazards, and disarming tools to neutralize mines.

  • Plan Ahead: Think several moves ahead. Consider potential mine locations and structure positions based on the information revealed by your probes.

  • Adapt to Upgrades: Each upgrade can significantly impact your strategy. Adapt your approach based on the new abilities and tools you acquire after each level.

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