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What is Weredle?

Weredle is a word game similar to the well-known Wordle. The concept is similar to that of most other games, however, in this one, you must discover the solution while avoiding the wolf. It's similar to Wordle, but it includes a terrifying wolf. Because of the Werewolf, this game is far more difficult than Wordle. There is one Werewolf tile that may or may not give you the wrong answer every time you guess.

Weredle will send you a new puzzle to complete every day. If you visit our website after midnight, you can try it out for yourself.

Game Rules

You have six chances to correctly guess the WEREDLE, which is pronounced "wear-dull." The color of the tiles changes after each guess to represent how close you are. There is one Werewolf tile that may or may not give you the wrong answer every time you guess. After guessing your first word, you must click on a tile to see if it is the Werewolf.

The colors are the same as in Wordle, and the werewolf tile will have a red border around it when you discover it. You'll know it's not the werewolf if you click on a tile and a blue border emerges around it. There will be no more misleading tiles once you find the Werewolf. The bogus tiles you've already discovered will have red borders, and the keyboard will give you the truth about the tiles you've correctly predicted.

This version of Wordle provides a lot more to consider. You can be confident that the rest of your letters are correct if you can figure out which tile is the werewolf. If not, things become harder because you have no idea which letters to utilize to try to guess the word. This minor innovation makes the game more enjoyable. Have a good time!

How to play Weredle

Using mouse

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