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Word Factory

Word Factory is a simple and addictive word game for Android. The goal of the game is to create words by ungrouping two or more letters. You can play it alone or with friends, in this addictive word game, you will be surprised how quickly you will become good at it. Try your skills and see how many points you can get! This is one of the most exciting games specially designed for kids. The in-game theme music changes to accommodate any mood you’re in, offering a sense of permanence that keeps players coming back for more. This amazing game offers a series of thrilling missions that keep gameplay fresh and challenging. This free word puzzle game has over 20 levels and more coming soon. There are also many achievements to unlock (50+ currently) if you have the time to complete them all. This amazing game is suitable for everyone from young children through to adults with a sharp mind, especially when played together as family members or friends. This brain-teasing word game can be played on mobile phones and tablets using a mouse, touch screen, or joystick controller but it really shines on touch screen devices where the graphics come alive with colored tiles sliding across the screen instantly creating an immersive gaming experience just like playing real thing.

It’s time to build your own Word Factory! This word game is suitable for kids of all ages and can help improve their vocabulary, spelling, and grammar skills. The goal of this word game is to create words using the letters you are given. Use the mouse to drag letter tiles that spell out words in a grid. When two letters form a word, they will highlight and turn green. You get points when there are no other tiles with the same letters on them or any blank spaces left on the grid. You lose points if a space is left or if there are no more available letters from the grid of letters you have left to use again. If you don’t use up all the letters in your inventory before time runs out, you automatically lose that game round! This game has three different modes for you to choose from Story Mode, Practice Mode, and Word Attack Mode which unlocks as you progress through Level 6 of Story Mode. 

Word Factory is a challenging word puzzle game designed for kids, teachers, and parents alike! With over 1,000 levels of increasing difficulty throughout the app, you will never get bored! Even if your vocabulary is limited there are many included in-game hints that allow you to guess the correct spelling of a word before even spelling it out yourself. 


How to play Word Factory

Using Mouse

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