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Word Hash

What is Word Hash?

Word Hash is a word puzzle game that presents a distinctive challenge. The objective is to create a five-by-five grid of words, with each word consisting of five letters. The twist that sets Word Hash apart from other word puzzles is that when the grid is completed, it must spell out the same word both horizontally from left to right and vertically from top to bottom. Achieving this symmetry is the ultimate goal of the game.

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Rules of Word Hash

  • Creating the Grid: Word Hash starts with an empty five-by-five grid. Players must add one five-letter word at a time to fill the grid. The words you enter must fit both horizontally and vertically, contributing to the symmetry of the final solution.

  • Symmetry Requirement: The key challenge in Word Hash is ensuring that the grid spells the same word both horizontally and vertically. This requirement demands careful consideration of each word placement, as it affects multiple directions simultaneously.

  • Feedback System: After each word entry, Word Hash provides feedback through a color-coded system:

    • Green Letters: These letters are in the correct position within the solution.
    • Yellow Letters: These letters are correct but are in different positions within the solution.
    • Gray Letters: These letters are not part of the solution and should be eliminated from consideration.
  • Daily Puzzles: A new Word Hash puzzle becomes available every day at midnight GMT. This daily rotation keeps the game fresh and ensures a consistent source of intellectual stimulation.

  • Navigation: To exit the puzzle screen and begin playing, you can simply click the X at the top right corner.


  • Symmetrical Challenge: Word Hash is celebrated for its unique demand for symmetry in word placement. This feature adds complexity and depth to the game, requiring players to think strategically and creatively.

  • Incremental Puzzling: The game's format of adding one word at a time allows players to work through the puzzle gradually, enhancing the satisfaction of solving the final symmetrical grid.

  • Daily Puzzles: Word Hash keeps players engaged with the promise of a new puzzle every day. This daily ritual provides a sense of achievement and encourages regular gameplay.

  • Logic and Creativity: Word Hash combines logic and creativity, making it a perfect choice for individuals who enjoy both structured problem-solving and wordplay.

How to play Word Hash

Using mouse

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